Here is a fun “competition” from Bespoke Classical Music for those who might be bored, crawling up the walls etc., due to the recent situation


The idea is that you write some lyrics about Dorking and lockdown that fit to the music below (click below)






The title of the song is *Lockdown Blues.*


Your lyrics can be how you feel about lockdown, your experiences during lockdown, what you’ve seen around where you live etc., during the COVID period, people who have been kind, generous, heroic etc.... anything really, provided it is not abusive.


Once you have completed your lyrics, record yourself singing the song, along to the backing track on this post – you can use the voice recorder on your mobile phone, for example. Try to make sure that you cannot hear the backing track on your final recording (a little background noise won’t hurt). If you are not confident singing, get a trusted friend to sing your lyrics (they’ll get a mention too!). Send the finished article to info@bespokeclassicalmusic.com


The winner will have their lyrics/singing mixed into the track and a copy of the final mix sent to them. It would be a rather nice idea if we could somehow get it going on local radio too, and then air the finished product.


Get musical and get writing!!!


Stay safe


Adrian/Bespoke Classical Music.

Lockdown Blues Backing TrackAdrian Brockless/Bespoke Classical Music
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